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Top Forex Brokers 2020

There is a famous saying,  “When you make a choice, you change your future” This quote is very fit in the FX market when you are looking for a  trade  partner. A top forex broker is one of the essentials in Forex trading. Almost 60-70 percent of your success depends upon your broker under normal circumstances. In this article, we will disclose some qualities of these brokers. How to choose them? 

Most of the people trust blindly on their brokers as they don’t know much about forex trading. Some scammers and forex brokers hunt rich but simple people to earn a lot of money by fooling them. But this article is helpful for such simple people who wish to trade forex.

Choosing a top forex broker

The pairing up of an advanced platform and the best broker is the key to be a successful trader. There are some basics and critical facts you should ponder while choosing a brokerage firm for FX trading.


When you are about to start work with your trading partner, always ask for the registration details about the company. Every registered company has a unique registration number by which you can check about the legal entity of your work. This step must consider saving your money from scammers. There are a lot of scammers in the market that is clever enough to convince you of investment. They might scam you by showing you a green garden or attractive and profitable results. 

Commission Slab

In the forex market, most of the traders generally don’t charge a commission per trade from retail clients. They earn their profit from the spread rates that vary from product to product. However, from professional traders, they deduct some charges from using premium services. The Commission slab involves the profit deducted from trades and taxes. A top forex broker always has the quality of doing transparent pricing.

Account Fee

Let us tell you that you can start forex trading with even low amounts. If you have only 40 to 50 Dollars in your pocket, you can go to the brokerage house to start forex trading. However, some scammers and thugs have fixed a high amount as their initial deposit. Top forex brokers have average and affordable account fees. They generally don’t charge any hidden charges. Ask your broker about the different ways of payment methods they allow. Moreover, the deduction charges on transactions from distinctive sources also matter. We will simplify you by these points.

  • Initial Deposit
  • Deposit and Withdraw Method
  • Tax or deductions on Bank Transactions
  • Deductions on e- payments (if available)
  • Commission slab    
  • Inactivity Fee
  • Ask if there are any hidden charges


The forex market is versatile. In our previous articles, we told you about the depth and variety of this market. As an ideal platform, forex broker also offers every legal asset to their clients. 

In forex trading, you can start your work with a low amount by opening a micro account. Similarly, you can open a different type of account depending upon your volume of investment and trading strategies.


An ideal forex broker is the one who is easy to work with it. The best brokerage house always tries to cooperate with their clients. They have easy and flexible terms.


Don’t rely on the words of the brokerage house. Always show concern for the stature of the broker. Try to contact or approach the clients who have previously worked or are currently working with them. Do not trust user reviews. For the last few years, most of the reviews are paid and fake. A top forex broker always tries to educate their client. They also offer and train them on the demo account.

Customs of top forex brokers

There are some patterns followed by best brokers. Never neglect them. If you find these qualities, then go ahead and try your luck in forex trading. Here are some habits of top forex brokers.

  • experience and qualification
  • Emotional stability
  • Transparency
  • Cooperative
  • Flexible
  • Trust Worthy 

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