Top Forex Brokers List and Their Characteristics

The Top Forex Broker list in the World

What everyone wants success when enter into the trading world. For success they start trading, hire the brokers for better achievements. Invest with new opinion that’s perfect for them and suit them and they make huge profit. And beccome the best forex brokers in the world.

Success in the forex market achieve for beginners happens with trustworthy brokers coz it’s your start and you can invest and brokers take care of it.For beginners the trading technique they should use is campfire as fire start from small brushwood and with times enter the big logs into it. Same things with forex trading, start with small or with forex bonus and time make your achievements wider and bigger, otherwise success won’t achieve.

For acieveing the best profit other than booker your strategies matters, you can get help form our forex expert advisor and use latest forex trading software.

Here I discuss 4 top Forex brokers list.

  1. CFD broker : IG

IG is regulatory y the NFA and CFTC. IG market trades in 80 currency and have minimum deposit of $250. They offers client to trade with different assets like bonds, ETF and interest also. It also support platform like metaTrade 4 and ProRealTime.

    2. For Future Brokers: Ninja Traders

Ninja Traders for the need of the future traders focus on the trading products from CME, CBOT and New York board of trade. It also allow you to trade CFD and stock investment.

Ninja Traders required $400 minimum deposit   to access trade. It has hundreds of video and guide books or articles to give trading education to its clients.

     4. Advance Traders: Interactive Broker

It provide traders a board range of 134 finance marketing within 33 countries also include Canada, Australia and UK. You will need a decent amount of investment to create account minimum deposit is $10000 and get first 8 month commission charges. For active account you need a balance of $2000 otherwise charge inactive fees. It offers advance tool for analysis and research.

    5.  Crypto-currency CDF Broker: City index

It is UK based city index trade in at least 48 forex currency pairs, crypto-currency, metal, bonds and interest rate. It gives you access to trade minimum 12000 markets. It support platform MetaTrade 4 and MetaTrade 5, a Web-Trader internet-based platform and the broker’s proprietary AT-Pro platform. It also has IOS and Android Developer app. It requires the minimum deposit of $125.

The above are all top forex brokers list that is recommended by