Top Forex Brokers 2020 and Their Features

Top Forex Brokers 2020 and their features.

To choose a forex broker for trading, that effects your trading and profit making experiences, is important not for seasoned but for new traders. But our primary goal when choosing brokers is always safety. Because we entrust him with our funds and personal data and we want them both protected. You also want good reputation and credentials of the broker.

Here we discuss Top 3 brokers of 2020 all over the world.

  1. com
  2. Plus500
  3. eToro

Let’s talk about them and their functions and features.

  1. com:

  • com is safe broker and CFDs trading. It is simple and easy-to-understand and offers tight spreads crypto currency.
  • It is tightly regulated and solid financials.
  • It cleans the desktop or mobile interfaces.
  • It is advanced research and analysis tools.
  • It has excellent customer services.
  • Required Minimum deposit is $50.
  • $15 per month fee after inactive of one year.
  • 1 EUR/USD, minimum 0.8 pips.
  1. Plus500:

  • It is safe because regulatory by UK FFCA and the Australian ASIC financial authorities.
  • There required no withdrawal fee and no trading fees.
  • The Interface is completely customizable.
  • It’s good for CDF traders who trader outside the app.
  • It required minimum deposit of $100.
  • After 3 months of inactive, $10 per month charged.
  • It also charged spread and overnight holding fee but depending upon the trading tool.
  • It also offers the web-browser and trading mobile app for traders.
  1. eTroro:

  • Social trading Platform.
  • Simple interface and reasonable fee.
  • Offers sentiment indicators.
  • More than 70 indicators provided.
  • Efficient interface both web and mobile app.
  • It is safe and approved by many authorities like FCA, FinCEN etc.
  • Offers unique research for social trading.
  • Required minimum deposit of$200.
  • Charge 410 after sign-out of 1 year.

These above are all the best Forex brokers 2020 for better trading not just for professional but also for beginners. You can also see the broker reviews.