Code in MQL4 to Close All Trades: Reviewed

This code in MQL4 will close out all trades on Forex markets. It can be adapted to close out trades based on certain conditions, such as profit or loss threshold, or trailing stop. The code includes functions that identify and count all open orders, loop through all orders, and initiate a close trade command for each open position. This provides a simple, efficient way to close out all trades at once, while allowing for customizations to suit individual trading needs.

Forex Flex EA: A Comprehensive Scalper Review

flex ea

Forex Flex EA is an advanced automated trading system designed to deliver consistent and reliable profits every day. It utilizes high-frequency scalping strategies to capitalize on volatile market conditions and provides a flexible trading system with a variety of features and custom settings. It is equipped with a smart algorithm that helps to identify and analyse the market direction and provide traders with accurate entries and exits for maximum profits. The customizable settings allow traders to adjust the trading risk, lot size, and leverage. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Forex Flex EA makes trading easier and more profitable for traders of all levels.