Review of ICT Trading: What the Opinions Say

Review of ICT Trading: What the Opinions Say

Ict Trading Opinions – ‍An Introduction ⁣to Forex Trading

Understanding Market Structure

Forex trading, often called currency ​trading, is one of⁤ the most popular and ‍potentially lucrative‍ forms of‌ financial trading. ‍It involves trading currencies from two different countries against each‌ other, such as the U.S. dollar and the euro. Those wishing to⁣ take part in forex trading need to understand⁤ the ⁣basic principles of the market, ⁢which include market structure, price action, and institutional trading concepts. Understanding market structure is an important part of‌ trading in forex. With market structure, ​traders must understand the ⁣different⁢ market conditions that can​ affect the outcome‍ of positions. These include factors like economic data releases, traditional support and resistance levels, and ⁤correlation among pairs.

Price Action

Price action is another important concept in forex trading. Price action ‌helps traders‍ identify potential entry and exit ​points‌ in the market. It also‍ helps traders analyze market trends and⁤ developments. By⁣ understanding price action, traders ​can look for opportunities to⁢ buy and sell currency pairs.⁤ Price action is best understood by looking at the chart and seeing how prices are reacting⁢ to‌ certain​ events, news,⁤ or economic indicators.‌ Understanding⁢ how to read and interpret price action can be an invaluable asset ‍for every trader.

Institutional ⁤Trading Concepts

Finally, ​traders need to understand institutional trading⁢ concepts to make successful trades. Institutional trading refers to transactions made by‍ large financial institutions, like banks.⁤ These institutions use sophisticated algorithms ‌to make ​large⁢ trades. ⁣Knowing what these institutions⁢ are ‌doing can ​give a ⁣trader an⁣ edge in​ their ⁣trading and help them identify the best entry ​and‌ exit points. ‍Posted: 21 April 2019 ⁣02:41 ⁤PM⁣ Member Total Posts: ⁤5 Joined 2011-02-14 Hi everyone…..just started trading with the help of chartict ‍and there services are really good. Trades are ‍well organised and they also have an SMS ​alert system which⁣ helps⁤ in remaining ‍updated with the⁣ market trends. ​I would really recommend them for trading if anyone is ⁣in the market looking for service. Profile