Purple Trading: Insider Review of a Popular Forex Company

Purple Trading: Insider Review of a Popular Forex Company

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‍ Start Trading Forex with Purple Trading

Trading forex with⁤ Purple Trading is a great⁤ way to diversify your trading portfolio. With ⁤a⁢ wide⁤ range ⁢of currencies available, you‍ are bound to‌ find a pair that matches your ‍trading style and risk management goals. Forex trading ⁣involves buying or selling one currency against another. You⁤ can​ gain access to the global forex market with a​ minimum opening balance. This provides traders with a high​ degree of ​flexibility ⁣and‍ liquidity, as well as low ​transaction costs.

The Benefits of Trading⁣ Forex with Purple Trading

When you start trading forex⁤ with Purple Trading,​ you ‌can benefit from‍ a number of ⁢advantages. ⁤The forex market⁣ is⁣ highly liquid, with daily volumes of around‍ $5 trillion. This means that ⁢you can enter and exit positions quickly ⁢and easily. ⁢The forex ‍market ⁤is also ⁢open 24 hours a day, ⁢so you can take advantage⁣ of trading opportunities as they arise. In‌ addition, spreads are typically lower than⁣ those on other markets. As a result, you⁣ can⁤ gain consistent profits with minimal ⁣capital outlay.

Purple Trading also offers⁢ a ​variety of benefits designed ⁣to help‍ you become a ‌successful trader. Not only⁤ can you access the real-time trading accounts, ‌but‌ you can‍ also take advantage of educational courses and resources, as well as a ⁤dedicated customer service team. The customer service team is available​ 24/7 and can help you with ‌anything from account setup to trading inquiries.

How to Trade ⁣Forex With Purple Trading

Trading forex with Purple​ Trading is⁢ straightforward and user-friendly. To get‍ started, you will need‍ to‌ open and fund⁤ a trading account.‍ After this initial step,​ you⁢ can start⁣ trading‍ immediately. To build ⁣up ⁣your trading skills, you can ⁢read books, take online courses, attend webinars, and ⁢follow financial news sources. This will help you​ make better trading decisions and maximize your returns.

Once you have decided⁣ which currency⁢ pair to trade, you can set your ‌stop loss and take profit levels. This ⁢will help​ you manage your risk. You⁢ can also‍ open and‍ close your trades at⁢ the click of a ⁢button with‍ Purple Trading’s intuitive web-based trading platform. Additionally, you can access the ⁤same features and tools from ⁤your mobile device⁢ or tablet. ⁤

Purple Trading also provides a variety of tools⁢ for analyzing the⁣ market. Among these are automated technical ⁣analysis tools, live news feeds, and sophisticated ⁣backtesting tools. Using these‌ tools,‌ you can easily identify potential trading signals and execute trades ‍with confidence.

Overall, trading forex with Purple⁣ Trading ⁢provides⁢ traders⁢ with a ⁣number of advantages. You can access a wide range of currency pairs and benefit ​from low​ transaction costs and intuitive trading platforms. What’s more, you can take‍ advantage ‌of the educational resources and sophisticated analysis‌ tools to improve your trading ‌skills. So start trading ‌forex with Purple⁤ Trading⁢ today and begin building your forex trading ⁢portfolio. ‌Review‌ Of Purple Trading: A ⁢Reliable Forex Broker?


Purple Trading‌ is ‌a Forex⁤ broker that has a⁤ 2.2-star ⁢rating⁢ on‌ Trustpilot, ​reflecting mixed customer experiences. It is ⁢a leading online forex trading platform ​that offers a wide range of products and services to currency traders of all levels. They provide a variety of trading⁣ instruments, including Spot ⁤Forex, CFD’s, Indices, Commodities, OTC ⁤and ⁤Energies.‌ They also‌ provide access to a⁤ variety of platforms, such as the MT4, WebTrader and their own proprietary platform.

Account Types

Purple Trading offers a variety‌ of accounts ​to meet the needs⁤ of all traders.⁤ They have two types of‍ Forex accounts: ECN and‍ Fixed. The ⁤ECN‌ account is ideal for experienced traders who want fast execution and ⁣low spreads. The ​Fixed‌ account is a more beginner-friendly account ‍with a lower⁢ cost of​ trading, but higher spreads. They also offer a⁢ demo account for those who⁢ want to practice trading before investing real‌ money.

Features and ⁢Tools

Purple Trading offers​ a variety of features and tools to help traders make informed decisions. They provide ‌real-time ⁣market news, updates, analysis​ and commentary from expert ​analysts. They also⁢ offer charting tools such as⁣ the Chart Helper Tool, ⁣which gives ​traders a comprehensive⁤ view of a currency pair’s historical and technical data. ‍They also have a “Trader’s Corner” section that features articles, ‍blog posts ‍and⁣ videos to educate‌ traders on how ​to ‌use different strategies and ‌analyze‍ the market.

Customer Support and Education

Purple Trading’s customer support team is available 24/7 via email, phone and live chat. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base with instructions and‌ information about the​ platform and its​ features. In addition, traders can watch video tutorials⁤ to⁤ learn how to use the platforms and tools. ​They also provide market analysis and data from their ​research centre.


Purple Trading is ‍a ‌Forex broker with a⁤ wide⁤ range of products⁢ and‍ services ‌for traders ⁣of all levels.​ They offer a variety of account⁢ types, including ECN and Fixed, as well as a demo account ‌for those who want‌ to practice trading.‌ They also ⁢provide a variety of‍ features and tools to help traders make informed decisions. Their customer​ support team is available 24/7 and they also offer‌ a comprehensive knowledge⁢ base and video tutorials to educate traders.