Is N1CM Legit? Analysis of a Forex Company’s Safety

Is N1CM Legit? Analysis of a Forex Company’s Safety

Is Number One Capital Markets (N1CM) Safe?

There is a justifiable concern when it comes to online trading ‌and big investments. Is Number One Capital Markets ​(N1CM) safe? This article will discuss ⁤the N1CM broker in details, enabling⁣ investors⁣ to assess and decide on ‌their own whether N1CM is​ safe for them.

What is Number One⁤ Capital Markets (N1CM)?

Number One Capital Markets (N1CM) is‌ a fully licensed and regulated global forex‌ and ⁣Contract​ For Difference ‌(CFD) broker. ⁣N1CM offers its traders and investors reliable and easy to use trading platforms, as ⁣well as competitive spreads and leverage. These features allow traders ‍to access the global markets and online ⁣trading quickly and efficiently.

Are Number One Capital Markets (N1CM) Safe?

Unlike some brokers, when it comes to safety, N1CM is a secure, regulated broker with a valid ⁢ license. ⁢The ⁢company is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). ⁢This⁣ regulatory body ensures that N1CM​ complies ​with the necessary laws and regulations of the forex and CFD broker industry. This regulatory body also ensures that clients’ funds are segregated in secure accounts with reputable banks.

The N1CM broker also offers some additional safety measures such as a⁣ negative balance protection policy. This policy ensures that traders never lose ⁢more than ⁣their ‍initial investment.​ N1CM also provides its traders with a risk management tool to help them control their trading. This tool helps traders calculate the risk of each trade they make, and to⁣ ensure⁣ that they are always trading within acceptable risk levels.

In addition,‌ N1CM also offers a withdrawal policy. This policy ensures that trades can make quick ​and hassle-free withdrawals of their funds. This is a very reassuring and comforting safety feature for traders and investors.


In conclusion, based⁢ on the⁣ extensive research and reviews, conclusively N1CM is safe, secure and reliable forex and CFD broker. Investing with N1CM offers its traders an experience which is beneficial and rewarding. Traders can make use of ​the risk management and negative balance protection policies, as ⁣well as superior customer service and easy withdrawals.

Overall, traders can‌ rest assured that ​all their investments are safe and secure when trading with N1CM. They can trust in the reliability and security that this trusted⁤ broker offers.

Is N1CM Safe?Review

N1CM or Number One Capital Markets is a trusted, regulated, and reliable broker. A ⁣lot of research has been done to verify its safety and security before it was widely regarded⁢ as a legit broker.‌ The reliable nature of N1CM broker has enabled traders to enjoy a secure investment environment. ‌The broker ‍has⁤ not reported any fraudulent activity or unethical behavior associated with its‌ activities, thus making it the perfect choice for traders looking for a safe online trading experience.

Safety & Security

N1CM broker offers a safe and secure trading environment. All information provided by the clients ⁤is secured with the ‌latest encryption protocols and fraud prevention measures⁤ are taken​ to protect the privacy of their clients. The broker ‌also complies with ‍the regulatory standards of the different ⁣countries in which it ‌operates, so traders can invest with confidence. ⁢

Regulation & Licensing

N1CM broker is one of Europe’s leading regulated brokers. It has a valid European Investment Services Licence (ISL) and is regulated by the European⁢ Securities ‌and Markets Authority (ESMA). Therefore, all‍ clients’ funds ⁤are protected by the EU capital markets law. The broker is also in accordance with the local financial regulations of the jurisdiction in which it operates. This is a further assurance‌ of the broker’s reliability and​ safety.

Types of Accounts ⁤& Instruments

N1CM broker provides five types of accounts⁣ to choose from, depending on ​the ⁣type of investment ‌or trading strategy. The different account types include ECN/STP, Crypto Currency, coins, Spread Betting, and Scalping. Additionally, there are several instruments available for trading, ‌including forex,​ cryptocurrencies, ETFs,⁢ indices, and commodities.

Deposit & Withdrawal Policy

N1CM broker offers various deposit⁣ and withdrawal methods, including credit/debit cards,‍ eWallets, ⁢wire⁣ transfers, local payment systems, and more. All withdrawals are processed in a timely manner ‌and the funds are dispersed as soon as they are confirmed. The broker does not charge any⁤ commission or transaction fees, so traders can enjoy zero-cost deposits and withdrawals.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that N1CM is a reliable ⁢and safe broker. ‌The⁢ broker has been thoroughly verified by‌ many research entities ‍and it has not reported any fraudulent ‍activities or unethical⁢ behaviors. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for those looking for a secure trading environment.