How to Start Forex Trading

How to start forex trading

Everyone wants to make money these days. Forex trading gives you a chance to fulfill your dream. But it brings a lot of complexity. You have to cover all levels from a retail novice client to a skilled professional forex trader. Are you still worried about starting your career in forex trading? Here is an illustration of how to start forex trading?

How to start FX step by step

Here are a few steps.

1. Know about forex

There are too many businesses running in the world currently. The first step on how to start forex trading is to research it. Look for everything about it.

2. Set your mind

After doing researches, set your mind if you want to do it properly. Must be aware of all the losses in this business. You cannot become rich immediately after starting. It takes a lot of time. So you should set your mind to bearing the risks and investing again.

3. Calculate your Risk

If you want to save your money from huge losses, do not act irrationally. Invest some bucks from your earnings. And save some amount as your back-up. This money will help you in your difficult times. Almost 98% of traders in the forex market lose their net capital due to margin shortfalls.

4. The setting of proper internet

In forex trading, you can trade online from anywhere. For this purpose, one should have a device with proper internet setup without any distortion in it. A fine connectivity system is a necessity while trading. Any negligence or even a delay if a second can destroy your struggles.

5. Search for your brokers

Look for the best-reviewed broker in your region. Then make visits to them. Do not rely on the first broker you went to. Meet at least 5 brokers and then compare their fees, offerings, platforms, and payment methods. The best brokerage firm has flexible terms of working with it. Then choose your broker.

6. Get initial training

After choosing your forex broker and before opening your account, check your broker skills. Ask your broker to train you about the initial levels of trading and some product knowledge. Try to practice on the virtual account. 

7. Fund your account

After focusing and completion of the above steps, you are ready to open your account. Fund little or adequate amount to your account. And wait for the beginning of your trading journey.

8. Choose your software

After opening an account, ask your company to provide you credentials of their trading platform like the login and password. Most of the brokers operate via MetaTrader4 and 5.

9. Choose your product

Before initiating, make your mind about those items in which you want to trade. To find out which product is suitable for you, get knowledge of the markets. As a beginner, currency pairs like EUR/USD and Gold is the best option.

10. Start trading

When you are done with all these processes, initiate your trading. In the beginning, try to execute intraday trading. It will help you to understand the sentiments, dynamics, pros, and cons of this business.

11. Stay in touch with your broker

At the beginning of your journey, always try to visit your broker daily if it is possible. Otherwise, stay in touch via mobile. Ask for research reports, data, and news from your broker. Check for the broker’s guidance while making entry and exit positions. 

12. Analyze your weekly performance

In the first few months, you should review your performance after one week. Segregate your profitable trades. Find out the reasons behind your failures. This auditing will help you in the future.

13. Be patient

We told you earlier that you cannot become rich in one night. Making profits will take time. Do not lose hope or give up just because of a few failures at your beginning. Be patient, and try to improve your skills.

14. Adopt differnet strategies

Try different methods of trading. For example, if you are not successful with scalping or copy trading, you should adopt other techniques. Trade with using stop-losses, try the diversification technique, create hedges, or try some new asset.

15. Learn from your mistakes

In forex trading, learning from your previous mistakes is very crucial. Repetition of the same mistake can lead you to great disasters.


These steps will quench the thirst of people who are still looking for guidance on how to start forex trading. All you need is to follow the above-mentioned steps. 

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