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Forex Trading Software 2020

Forex trading is a tricky and hard business. If you want to earn money, you have to focus on the initial but momentous factors. Among these significant ones, also consider choosing appropriate forex trading software.

In this article, we will educate about the traits of best forex trading software and which things we should keep in mind to choose a trading platform. We have also explored and researched on one of the finest platforms of internationally used software systems.

Qualities of best FX trading software

This section helps you to check how propitious your trading platform is. The following are the qualities possessed by an ideal trading platform.

User Friendly

The best trading platform always is user-friendly.  It means the software should be easy to use, customizable, contain different options or tools, and most importantly, it is easy to learn. The software should not be restricted to English or a single language only.


“Sorry for interruption” is the most irritating and disgusting thing during the usage of any server. When it comes to a trading platform, it may lead to a holocaust. Any connectivity issue, excessive interruptions, or hanging of platform, is the real bandit of trade. In forex trading, rate changes as you blink eyes. Sometimes we are in need to execute or initiate a trade, but due to poor performance, we are unable to perform according to our choice.  The user interface must be convenient. You always need to check efficiency before use.


  • For sophisticated trading, an optimum platform must contain a complete set of the best and powerful tools. Forex trading has a never-ending portfolio. A trader requires every type of tool.  An ideal software must contain a large series of assets to use.
  • The availability of risk management tools is very essential.
  • Always keep in view, an ideal software contains all or necessarily used tools of technical analysis. The research, indicators, charting, testing, and, transparent history make a fantastic forex trading platform.
  • A virtual or a demo- account is also necessary to practice before your start. But all software does not allow a demo account on virtual cash. Even some platforms ask for a membership fee to use them, which is some time high for an average portfolio holder. It should be free of cost. However, using the very exclusive and professional tools may cost you sometimes.


There are certain kinds of software that are even excellent to use but are unable to use everywhere. FX trading software should be compatible with every type of device. Even on a mobile phone, some platforms are not available on iOS. If any app is compatible with iOS, you cannot run it on Android, Desktop, or Linux. Always prefer to choose compatible software that can run or perform at any system or device.


The FX trading software must ensure the security of data by anyway. It should be very private to others.

Best FX Trading Platforms

Here are some of the best and heavily used platforms in the world.

Forex Trading Software

MetaTrader - The Best Forex Trading Software

MetaTrader has two most famous and excessively used trading software that is accessible in every country. Both of these platforms were introduced by MetaQuotes.

  • MetaTrader 4 came to birth in 2005. It conducts trading on CFDs, forex, futures, and stocks. It has an admirable security system with a secure encryption tool. This FX trading platform allows hedging, scalping, short sell, and many types of risk management tools. MT4 has three types of charting tools and nine time- frames, with four order types. A section of strategy testing and expert advice is built. It is available on every system or device. MetaTrader4 also facilitates the users by providing them free forex signals. However, it also lacks somewhere, because it is going outdated sometimes. But overall, it is the most widely used one.
  • MetaTrader5 came to existence in 2010.  It has approximately the same functionality as MT4. But it is more updated. This FX software, has some advanced tools and features, as it has 38 indicators with twenty-one-times software allowsendent, algorithm, and copy trading.


cTRader programmed by the SPotware System in 2010. It allows Forex and CFD. This platform is also accessible and can be used in every system or device. It has a set of seventy technical indicators. This software is a bit more flexible than the above mentioned. cTrader also allows algorithm trading, strategy tester, and many more features. If you want to read more about this interesting software, visit their official website

Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader has almost the same ranking s of cTrader. In 2003, Ninja Trader Group LLC introduced this fabulous software. This software allows Forex, CFDs, and stocks also. Ninja Trader introduces more traits than MetaTrader or cTrader. But the problem which snatches its top position is its compatibility.  Even it has more features, tools, indicators, an excellent system of charting, Algorithm Trading, one of the best trading strategy tester, but it is not available on Android and iOS. You can learn more at

Zulu Trade

ZuluTrade is also among the best Forex Trading software. But it is famous for its services and excellence in copy and social trading. provides essential information about your queries and confusions about Forex Market. For useful articles, visit our website.

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