Forex Trading Software Reviews And Trading Platforms

Reviews on anything’s a software or an app helps you to make a formal decision to move forward. It also happens with forex trading software reviews. You can select the best forex trading software just by checking its reviews and use it as a part of your strategy.

At Forex Scams we review by taking considered three main type of forex trading.

  1. Best providers.
  2. Reviews are based on US traders.
  3. Have CFTC registration for offering a service in US.
  4. Have trading platforms.

Brokers provide a lot many software to traders to trade foreign exchange market successfully. Electronic platform itself offers brokers some software for interface, management, and placing a trade.  The platform offers many other additional tools like the trading academy, forums etc.

Here are some functioned Automatic Forex trading software reviews:

  • These software also includes technical analysis software’s allows studying of patterns and indicators even charts for trading analysis. You can also find some free tools but they do not have much features but the pro version has better techniques and features. Take guide from forex trading tips for beginners.
  • Signal generator software a service where traders provide free and paid, the manual and automatic signals for trading.


In Automatic trading software’s, the trading decision makes by using algorithms done by expert advisors and forex trading robots. This automatic software has the accessibility of MetaTrader for smooth software integration and for accurate decision.

Some top 10 forex brokers have their own platforms like MT4 or MT5. You can see broker reviews before selection.

Trading platform must include these special features:

  • Spreads commission.
  • Access to ECN market.
  • MT$ and MT5 customized interface.
  • Signal generator
  • Charting feature
  • A demo account
  • Customer support.

Brokers that have good experience with trading and offers a wide range of currency pairs are better than broker offer multithreading like crypto currency, stocks or options.