Forex Trading Bot Software Really works? How?

Do you think the Forex trading bot software really works?

Actually without any planning do forex trading is not going to happen. There is no software and tool give you 100% success. I don’t think that any can sell the money making tool in market as you see many Forex trading bot software are available in the market. In big companies they lock and safe their forex trading software to keep them secure not selling them.


Forex bot provide you a balanced pictures of offers as a unbiased robots. There are numbers of forex robot out there in the market and actually what they do? They are scams. They are rarely cracked up to be. You can rarely see the blog or even articles on Forex trading bot software.


Merchant just promote and advertise their software’s, claims of people that they make huge profits rea actually fake. The broker reviews are also fake.

An expert professional always take some times and test the Forex trading bot software and strategies. And actually give the correct review too them. Our review process is transparent with testing of all kind. It helps to choose a good forex bot for your trading on which you rely and trust on.

Factors considered when to choose FX bot software:

There are so many factors and thins considered while choosing forex trading bot software.

  1. Back testing:

It indicates how program functioned and how a trade loss or win? It states maximum draw down and risk to reward ratio.

  1. Live trade Result:

Check that seller offers 90% winning trade. Don’t just check model result, there is big difference between real trading and trading perform with simulator.

  1. Limits of order size in trading:

Trading with fixed order sized robot works well but change in order size caused error in trading. We even check robot gives equal result when it is 3, 30, 300, and 3000. You see 3 in tart of every digit.

  1. Draw down:

Not all traders are same, some gives of 50% draw down and some offers 25%. This is their personal preferences of forex brokers in UK.