Forex Patterns

Forex Patterns

Forex patterns are the technical tools to examine the market trend. For the determination of support and resistance level, buying/selling pressures, forex patterns are the best source. They may vary from the trading platform. Professional traders prefer to use them as they aid in the entry/exit positions. This content is about the forex patterns that are comparatively better and easier to use.

What are forex Patterns?

It is a pattern that is built on charts to analyze or evaluate the market, whether it is bullish or bearish, by applying different technical tools on a bar, line, or candle chart.

Facts about forex patterns

A noticeable difference is seen in the traders who use patterns and the ones who deny it. It is the choice, comfortability, and the application procedure that ensures the rate of success in a trade. We found the pros of using forex chart patterns.


  1. It accurately describes the entry and exit positions.
  2. You are mentally prepared for the result of your trade as you are aware of the consequences.
  3. The charts notify you immediately of the arousal of any trading opportunity in the market.
  4. Using these patterns, one can expertise himself in forex trading as he will be able to lower his risk ratio.


We found that there is not any disadvantage to using forex patterns. However, to use the forex patterns, you must know technical tools and technical strategies. A small mistake or any negligence can harm you. Therefore, if you are unaware of the basics, do not apply them directly on your live account. For the basic knowledge and correct application of these patterns, a trader must try it on the demo account or ask for the broker to know the method.

Forex Patterns Types

Forex Patterns are not of a single type. The classification of the forex patterns is done into three types of patterns.

  1. Continuation Patterns
  2. Neutral Patterns
  3. Reversal Patterns

Popular Forex Patterns

Among several forex patterns, only a few of them are easy to apply. Most of the traders adopt the  Ichimoku Cloud, Triangles, Head and Shoulders, Engulfing patterns, Ascending Triangle Patterns, Descending Triangle Patterns, Rectangles, Reversal Wedges, and Corrective Wedges. 

We found three forex patterns the most effective and authentic. They are the triangle, Ichimoku Cloud Bounce, and the Engulfing Pattern.

 1. Triangles

In forex patterns, a triangle is created by identifying high and low for the past few hours or days. A trend line is drawn for both bottom and top to form a triangle that determines the short-term resistance and support of an object. 

The upper line shows the immediate resistance, whereas the lower line denotes the immediate support. Many traders use this strategy for short-term traders. This pattern has also an application for the estimation of support/resistance level in day trading. It is easy by drawing the trend lines on the high and low points of the previous day of the market chart.

2. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Ichimoku Cloud)

Generally known as Ichimoku cloud is one of the most advanced technical tools. This versatile forex pattern requires experience or skill for the proper application. It is not easy to draw this pattern and get good results.

Ichimoku cloud is helpful in the evaluation for the bullish or bearish trend, support/ resistance level, and the market momentum. It provides support and resistance level. When the Ichimoku Cloud is above the candlestick, it shows you the bullish trend. Similarly, when the Ichimoku cloud lies below the trend line, it denotes the bearish trend.

When the cloud is above the candles, the trend line assumes the resistance level. On the other hand, when the cloud is below the candles, it becomes a support level.

3. Engulfing Pattern

An engulfing pattern is basically for the determination of the price reversals in the market. An engulfing pattern, the downtrend bar completed its move with full bearishness, and the new bar starts in green that indicates the price reversal, and it is a good time to get benefit from the trade.

Similarly, when the price trend up and up and the last candle closes with full bullishness the next candle, the next candle appears in red. It is the best time for short-selling.


Patterns are beneficial by maximizing the indicators’ knowledge or by learning the chart patterns to get the maximum benefit from trade. Keep an eye on the news also because of trends very quickly when an incident, data, or due to the announcement of the monetary policies.  

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