Forex Bonus Account Type and Selection of best Forex Bonus Account.

Bonuses allots to Traders by the Brokers in Professional Trading.

  1. NO deposit Bonus:

This is good opportunity for the clients that start investing in trades and after registering account have offer of 25 to 50$ as bonus but trader must trade a specific amount before claiming of forex bonus account.

  1. Redeemable Bonuses:

This will be excellent offer for traders because they can claim their profit and forex bonus after meet specified trading volume as welcoming bonus. And its offers only once in your first investment and after your first withdrawn bonus is cancelled. But it can be issued again if you continue depositing and making profits.

  1. Non- Redeemable Bonuses:

Many traders gives the leverage of 500:1 that is a maximum leverage and usually 100%. But this is not redeemable. Upon profit bonus can be cancelled or deduct from your account. This is allowed once or twice if your bonus is cancelled.

  1. Technology Bonuses:

Instead of cash forex bonus traders issued items like laptop, watch. But for withdrawn money trader will require a certain trading limit, as brokers investing money or items.


Forex Bonus Account Types and Select the Best one:

Forex account is necessary to made as to connect you to market and to become a active participants. There are three category of the forex account:

  1. Standard account:

The standard account trading starts from $1000 up to $ 10000. And different brokers requirement are different so capital depends upon them as opening account requirements.

  1. Mini account :

A mini account you can start trading with $500 minimum from your personal investment.

  1. Demo account:

Demo account is actually not a live account but you can use it form demo purpose and gather experience of trading.

  1. Managed trade account:

In this trading account you are required to provide trading requirement but other traders execute it. By using social trading platform other trades can link to your account.