Forex best tips

Forex Best Tips

Are you still hungry for some trading tips? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article is has brought one of the forex best tips for you. Forex trading is like a gamble. It is one of the riskiest businesses in the world but the most profitable also. In forex trading, you can lose all your money in a nano-second and you can earn millions in just a few months. That is why traders need to explore the undiscovered things about it. 

Forex Best Tips in Detail

The forex tips are not only needed for a beginner but also for professionals. For the tips, the novice might lose a lot of money to quacks in the name of education. But we are here to provide you enough but necessary lessons and ethics about it.

1. Choose your account 

An account type is generally based on your portfolio worth and trading. Beginners prefer to choose the standard account. In the last few years, different types of trading accounts are introduced to the market. The most commonly used are,

  1. Micro Account
  2. Cent Account
  3. Professional Account
  4. Standard Account
  5. Joint Account
  6. Corporate account

2. An efficient platform

For a successful trading setup, the integration of an efficient and reliable platform is a must. The software should have all the latest and advanced features. For technical analysis, there should be a variety of tools. The platform should be up-to-date for good performance in fundamental analysis. NinjaTrader, cTrader, WebTrader, MetaTrader4, and 5, and ZuluTrade are the first preference of best broker.

3. Develop a Trading Plan

To start any work, there is a plan. Similarly, if you want to start forex trading, make a workable trading plan. The plan must be based on a realistic approach.

4. Define your goals

Set a specific ratio of your profit. Do not expect more than your level. If your daily target is to achieve $10 daily, then do not trade for the eleventh dollar. Greed is the enemy of your trade.

5. Be prepared

Before trading, every broker must be aware of you from any loss at any time. Remember that your capital is always at risk. Even the best brokers have a risk disclaimer. According to our research, 90 percent of traders fail. If you have a low deposit, you should expect a low profit and low loss. But, if you have a big account, expect a high profit as well as high loss. So it is advised to firstly make a risk management strategy of your own.

6. Use a trading Robo

If you are new to forex trading, you can use a trading robot. The feature Expert Advisor in MetaTrader4 is helpful. Other software has its own trading robot. They guide you according to your circumstances.

7. Follow experts

You can also copy the trades of experts and professionals. It will help you to understand the trading method and how to deal with risk in different conditions.

8. Try group trading

Find some partners who can trade with you. A bunch of friends or a circle of people should start with equivalent portions. It will develop a community. They can discuss different ideas, news, strategies, tips, and methods. ZuluTrade is the best platform for social trading.

9. Avoid trading in the worst

If you do not want to lose money, then you should avoid trading in the following circumstances.

  1. Whenever you are depressed due to your personal or professional reasons, or you are tense or taking stress for any other thing, do not trade.
  2. If you lose your money via forex trading, avoid revenge trading for compensation for your loss.
  3. Market volatility directly affects profit and loss. If you want to earn a profit, do not trade when the volatility is low. 
  4. Weekend days are the worst days for trading. First of all, the market stuck for 2-3 days. After the re-opening of the market, there is no certainty of what happens.

10. Money Management

Money management is the basic thing to learn before forex trading. As a beginner or even professional, do not trade with all your capital. Saving capital is crucial. 

11. Withdraw your weekly profit

To avoid losing money, withdraw all your profit made in a week. Save it another trading account. You can withdraw half of your profit and leave the other portion in the case to use it during your tough times. It is one of the regulations by the authorities not to put all the funds in one trading account only.

12. Act wisely

In financial trading, many traders lose their money by acting on false news. The trader should testify the news from his broker. Sometimes, the news on TV also gets falsified after few days. For true and authentic news, try to rely on your broker instead of report sellers only.


Forex trading involves the loss of money. You can either become a millionaire or can be bankrupt. It is always advised to keep in mind the basic tips of forex trading. 

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