Comparing N1CM & Interactive Brokers: Who is the Best?

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Comparing Forex Brokers N1CM and Interactive Brokers

For those interested⁣ in investing in‌ the foreign‌ exchange (forex) market, two popular brokers are N1CM and Interactive Brokers. Both offer a wide variety of features and services,⁤ but when ​making a decision⁤ between them, one must consider⁤ things like‌ fees, ⁤ trading ⁤platforms, customer service, and more. In this article, we will compare the two and help readers⁣ decide ​which is the‍ best forex⁤ broker for their needs.

Fee Structures ⁣of N1CM and Interactive ⁤Brokers

The fees for trading with N1CM and Interactive Brokers differ in‌ many aspects. While N1CM charges a commission for all trades, Interactive Brokers charges a commission per contract, and both have different spreads ‌ and margin rates. Additionally,⁤ N1CM⁤ does not have minimum deposit ⁣requirements whereas Interactive Brokers requires a $10,000 minimum ‌deposit.

In terms of financing rates, N1CM offers competitive financing rates, but Interactive Brokers has some of the lowest financing rates on the market. N1CM‌ offers a maximum leverage of 500:1 and Interactive Brokers has a maximum leverage of 50:1.

The Trading Platforms of N1CM and Interactive Brokers

When it comes to trading⁤ platforms,⁣ both N1CM and Interactive Brokers have a lot to offer. N1CM’s core platform is the FXTrader, which is an optimized trading interface that conveys⁣ price movement at a glance ⁤along with order, trade, and portfolio status. Additionally, ⁣N1CM offers a‌ web-based platform with a variety of trading tools, analytical features, charting capabilities, and real-time data.

Interactive Brokers ​provides customers ⁤with⁣ a range of trading platforms, including the popular ⁣Trader Workstation, TWS Mosaic, ‍and more. All of these platform come with advanced trading tools, comprehensive charts, and real-time data. There are also mobile apps available ‍for iOS and Android devices.

Customer Service at N1CM and Interactive Brokers

When it comes to customer service, both N1CM and Interactive Brokers offer support in multiple languages and through ‌multiple channels. N1CM has telephone support, email support, and a comprehensive FAQ section. Additionally, they offer 24/5 live chat in⁤ multiple languages.

Interactive Brokers‍ offers phone support, email support,‌ and 24/5 live chat. They​ also ‍have an extensive library of resources for customer to use when looking for help. Additionally, Interactive Brokers has a comprehensive FAQ section.


For those looking for a great forex broker, N1CM and Interactive Brokers can both be great ⁤options. Each has its ‌own set of features and services, and it is important to consider all factors when making a decision. When it comes to fees,⁢ N1CM ⁣has no minimum deposit requirement, competitive financing rates, and no commission for trades. Interactive Brokers has some of the lowest financing rates available and charges a ‍commission‍ per contract.

In terms of trading platforms, N1CM offers the FXTrader supplemented by a web-based platform.⁢ Interactive Brokers has various different trading ⁤platforms, including mobile apps and​ a comprehensive charting package.

For customer service,‌ both offer support in various ‍languages and through multiple channels. N1CM offers telephone support, email support, and a live ⁣chat. Interactive Brokers ⁤has a comprehensive library of resources​ and a FAQ section.

Ultimately, both N1CM and Interactive Brokers are great options for those looking to invest‍ in the forex market. With the above comparison in mind, ⁢readers can make an informed decision on which broker is right for them.

N1CM ⁢vs. ​Interactive Brokers: Overview and⁢ Pros & Cons

N1CM and Interactive ‌Brokers (IBKR) are both popular and‌ respected Forex and CFD brokers offering helpful trading resources⁣ and access to global markets. Both brokers have something to offer experienced traders seeking useful features, competitive rates and ⁢excellent execution.⁣ In this n1cm ⁢vs⁣ interactive brokers review, we will compare the two brokers side by side, while looking into‍ their respective strengths and weaknesses.

N1CM is ‌an offshore forex and CFD broker established in 2017 to offer services to⁢ traders from all around the​ world. They are regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), guaranteeing a safe and secure trading environment. With over 70 tradable assets such as ⁢major currency ⁢pairs, commodities, indices⁢ and ‌stocks, traders can easily find ⁢something to ​trade. N1CM also features account types suited to beginners as well ‌as ‌experienced traders, offering a variety of trading tools⁣ and resources.

Interactive ​Brokers (IBKR) is a well-established broker, with almost 40 years of experience in the industry. As a member of SIPC and NFA, IBKR‌ is considered among the most reliable and trust-worthy brokers on⁣ the market. This global broker offers access ⁢to global markets, featuring 800+ tradable instruments such as mutual funds, stocks and ETFs.‍ The broker also provides a wide ‍range ⁤of trading and charting tools to help customers make informed trading ⁢decisions.

Pricing and Fees

When comparing brokers side by side, pricing and fees are always an important factor. N1CM has a‍ flexible ⁤fee⁤ structure, offering competitive ⁢spreads and no commissions or minimum deposits. ​The ‍broker‍ also offers tight spreads and good leverage ​for Forex trading as well ⁤as CFDs on indices, commodities and stocks. Interactive Brokers also offer competitive​ pricing and low commissions​ with no inactivity​ or‌ withdrawal fees.

Trading Platforms

When it⁢ comes to trading platforms, N1CM offers traders a ‍choice of MetaTrader 4 or 5 (MT4 or MT5), both of⁢ which are powerful trading⁢ software solutions ⁤with customizable features. With a user-friendly interface and advanced charting functions, ‍traders can analyze the markets easily and execute trades quickly.

Interactive Brokers offers several‌ trading platforms such as their user-friendly, web-based TWS platform, as well​ as the IBKR mobile‍ app for mobile trading. IBKR also supports MT4 and automated trading and the‍ broker also offers their own portfolioof trading tools and resources.


When the features and fees of ‍N1CM and Interactive Brokers are compared side by side,⁤ it’s clear to see why both brokers have become popular among traders of all experience ⁤levels. Both brokers offer excellent pricing and access to global markets, as well as efficient trading platforms⁣ and powerful tools to support successful trading. Depending on the individual needs and​ preferences of the trader, either broker can ‌offer an excellent experience when it comes ⁤to trading the ⁤markets.