How to Find the Best Forex Brokers UK ?

Key Factors considered while choosing the best Forex brokers UK.

There are many key factors considered in forex marketing while choosing the best forex brokers uk .

A broker that is good for one trader is not necessarily good or others. So to go through the right one you have to do some research. Below are some thing you need to consider.

  • Regulatory: for safety concerns, you have to consider it as you handover it your funds and personal information.
  • Trading cost: when choosing forex, check the cost and spread commission before choosing a broker.
  • Trading platform: Platform is necessary to consider, it must be user friendly and intuitive. Most brokers offer the MetaTrade4 platform.
  • Good customer Services: A broker must be easily contactable and provide 24/5 service.
  • Fit with your trading style or not? Check traders offer fits with your style or not.

5 best forex brokers UK.

There are many brokers available in the market after conduct numerous research, we recommend you the 5 best forex brokers UK.

  1. CMC markets:

CMC is the award-winning forex broker and the best one in 2020. It is established in 1889 and becomes the top forex brokers in UK. It offers 300 forex pairs and 1:30 leverages and spread of o.7 on majors. They offer metaTrade4 and mobile app for new generations or newcomers.

  1. City index:

It offers 84 currency pairs of major, minor and exotics and established in 2004. Well established and used in UK. You will need of minimum deposit at least Eur100 for start. They also offers web trader and app for beginners and metaTrade 4 and metaTrade 5 for professional.


  1. Fx Pro:

Fx Pro launched on 2006, offers 70 currency pairs with different spreads and commission rates. Good for beginners and for establishing good experience. It offer intuitive platform suit. It required minimum deposit of 500EUR but if you are new you can start with 100EUR.

  1. IG:

It established in1970, a longest standing firm in the world. It is special for its speed, reliability, functionality and user-friendly interface. To start trading with IG, needs minimum requirement of EUR250.

  1. com:

It is recommended for the transparency of the pricing structure and fees. It offers more than 80 currency pairs and minimum deposit of EUR 50.

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